Forbidden Ethical Fantasies. Fantasy Play about Holocaust denial and other atrocities. Ask and you may receive. Have you been looking for a safe place to openly discuss outrageously taboo /edge role play? Have you felt deranged for craving fantasies that haunt your nightmares? Confine in Me...



In an oasis hidden within the urban jungle lies a sanctuary of the ravishing German beauty who immortalizes destiny, sacrifice, devotion and love. The submissive begs for mercy and attention... pouring the sweetest juice, caressing her strong feet and lets, Her sultry body covered in the finest lace and leather.


Currently in N.Y.C

will visit the Parthenon tomorrow afternoon. Available to receive gifts or meet for coffee in the Herald Square area.

your (new) place

 Imagine discovering something you didn't even know you craved?

Arriving at a place that you have not even dreamed of yet. You never thought of it until you arrived here, and now you can't think of anything else. How Bizarre. Let Me explain, the reason why I could not even describe this place previously, or tell you something more specific about it, is because it has not yet come to be. Even now, it is formed only partially, just like you.

This destination is different for everyone. We create it. Together. your journey starts here, today, and you are about to enter a world that is fueled by your desire...where your perversion are welcome and groomed. Kink and imagination are the building blocks of your new life. 

Let Me help you find the you that you didn't even think was possible. It will feel so good when you are entangled in My Games. I am an Enabler, a facilitator, your new Mistress, your Goddess.
10PM on a Wednesday in October, I thought the Fall would be nice in NYC...but it's cold, way too cold. I am adding a fireplace to the list of things I need ;-) That is right, I didn't say 'want' - never. 
I Need.