It should be illegal to own this many shoes...

but I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shoe shopping. Today I allowed one of my long-term committed pets to take me for two new pairs.  Its time to get yet another shoe rack next.

I love different types of shoes, heels, ankle boots, knee-highs, thigh-highs, loafers, pumps, flats, sandals, Mary Janes, flip-flops, mules, and clogs.

Even so most of my shoes are black and rather conservative, I also love to shop for colorful footwear made of various materials, sporting interesting patterns and details.

A few pairs always end up being my favorites. And even as temperatures are dropping, I can not do without wearing my super-strappy-high-heels all the time ;)

Good thing I have a beautiful warm coat.


Just the right red for a true Vileness

The other day, I went to Bloomingdales to get what is probably one of the reddest lipsticks available on the American Market: MAC red. It was highly recommended by the last photographer I worked with. When I entered the make-up section, a new Cruella DeVille lip-gloss caught my attention. The little red tube portraying the image of the evil madame had my name written all over it.

Well finally has mainstream commerce recognized My needs and created a tool, which allows Me to get into My Vileness mood with the simple waiving of a wand. Now I just need to find toe nail polish in the perfect red color;),...the kind  that would turn ANY man into a subservient little the simple wave of a exciting...
Of course Mistress will keep you updated on Her quest...