Announcement: I shaved My legs

At the end of the summer, I thought if would be hot to grow out My armpit hair. So I did...after several weeks I had a nice little bush going. It was a weapon unlike any other. Then one day I decided to shave them, for no particular reason, just because I felt like it...
Well, yesterday I was standing in the shower, shaving, and I thought it is time to finally take the last step towards being properly acculturated American. So I took the shaving cream, bend down to apply it to My legs, and shaved all the hair off.
Man, this feels nice! I may just stick with the American Way of Body Hair!


Trip to London

My thrill seeking nature is getting the best of me

 I love excitement, I love trying new things . . .

Over the past few weeks I fantasied about taking another layover in London before heading home for the holidays. I did this once before in 2005, and it was excellent. Of course back then I was still in college and stayed at a little youth hostel in the Central part of town. This time it will be quite different. I can't wait for all the cultural things the city has to offer!

While I am there, I'll also have limited time to meet some men, submissive men.Looking forward to some stimulating lunches,  do some shopping, dinners, shows, ect. Going to another city, and being a Mistress to "foreign" men is great! The idea of it excites me!

Hopefully I can find time to train as many willing subjects as possible. Boys who will surrender control to the German Goddess. Just thinking about it puts a huge smile on my face.

Who knows,...I always fantasize about moving back to Europe, maybe I'll bump into my future-slave-husband;)