My pet "bear"

I never thought this could happen, never thought it was possible.

About four years ago I met him, I remember all the hurdles he had to combat to get mistress to come out for a live encounter.

We met on, it's what I like to call a "BDSM dating site". I've made good experiences on this site, I have made bad ones. This one was the best - by far.

"Bear" has been serving me for four years, every week, usually on Wednesday or Thursday, always during business hours. Escaping his world, entering mine...One hour at a time. During the day he is a high-power executive.

When he sees me, he is able to let go. Give up control and just become his true self...for Me.

He  has been trained over four years to accept my every wish and submit to all demands.  He is married, here he is kneeling down before Me...ready to accept whatever I give him.

Whatever. . .