Sleepless Nights and Limited Availability

This is an important and sad update after Events that occurred after Super Storm Sandy. It is very difficult for Me to get online. My housing situation became unstable in November. Restoration is on its way...but it may take a while.
For the moment I can still meet all Friends at the Parthenon Studio. Since My private Manhattan space is officially condemned.
It is a stressful time as I am staying with various friends. Couch-surfing. Once again, officially homeless. This sucks but I am staying positive. 

If you are one of My irregular friends then of course I'd still love to meet you during this uncertain time. It is absolutely vital that you schedule O/our meeting at least 2-3 days in advance so that I can arrange My plan accordingly.

Thank you for your support.


Everything in Excess - The nailpolish I currently own

 My collection of Nail polish:

2012 Collections 

Spring - Navigate Her
Tour de Finance, Orange it's Obvious, Navigate Her
Go Overboard
Armend & Ready, Play Date, Go Overboard

Sure Shot, No More Film, Pink-A-Boo, She's Picture Perfect

2011 Collections

Spring - French Affair
Coat Azure
Resort - Fair Game
Fair Game, Lion Around

Summer -  Braziliant Collection
Smooth Sailing
Very Structured, Carry On, Power Clutch, Lady Like

Dive Bar Holiday Collection
sexy divide, over the top, steeling the scene, jamaica me crazy, trophy wife, diva bar

Bangle Jangle, Cocktail Bling, Bobbing for Bubbles

as gold as it gets, a cut above

2010 Collections 

Lapis of Luxury
Haute as Hello, Demure Vixen, Knockout Pout

2009 Collections 
One of a Kind, Mesmerize, Flawless, & Status Symbol

Fall  - Cuddle with Color-
Midnight Cami


Damsel in a Dress


 Bordeaux, Clambake, Devil's Advocate, Aruba Blue,
buy Me a cameo, Pansy, beach bum blue, Imported bubbly


Boston Trip Canceled

Since NYC airports are shut down, I will not make it to Boston this weekend.

All Manhattan meetups are also cancelled until at least this weekend. Other commitments related to Storm Sandy will likely keep Me busy for at least a few more days.

Stay Safe FiFas


Escaping the cold: FLORIDA

After two  fabulous nights in Palm Beach this week I have decided to return to Florida twice more this year. Exciting.

Thursday, November 29th
 - Sunday, December 2nd : Miami

Tuesday, December 11th 
- Saturday, December 15th : Fort Myers


Allowing My inner child to run wild.

Yielding to nearly every temptation, I allow Myself all that I desire, as long as it is not unhealthy or dangerous. Lately, I have been growing My armpit hair. No particular reason, just to annoy people. I just love getting under peoples' skin. This is the longest it has ever been. It is My way of saying, I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. This means I will not bow to societal rules and I refuse to conform to gender-roles. Unless compliance aims My striving for power and increases the potency of My manipulations, it is of no use to Me.

The other hobby occupying a fair share of My hours these days are webcam sessions. There is something just so seedy about them... A feel of forbidden, the desire to talk to kinky men, strangers online, hind husbands and responsible fathers turned into cock sucking whores.... for Me. Looking for just a bit of excitement. Who would have thought that you would meet your destiny?


New Sissy Slave

Tried out a new sissy bitch today. Worked very hard for Me, even brought some gifts. Nice dress with lacy print from American Apparel. Will use for a photo shoot going forward. I love when a servant has a good eye, good taste, and is generous with their skills and resources. Let's see where this one goes.


I feel like such a victor when I drink My juice

Thanks to the most awesome juice machine - "Omega Something Something", My nutrition has improved exponentially in the past few month. My favorite FadDy bought it for Me during a trip to Bed, Bad, and Beyond. Surprisingly, even though there is a clear square footage restriction on My living space due to Manhattan's ungoddessly standards, I seem to be able to spend unlimited time and funds at that store. Guess I am a woman, and thus a naturally born HouseGoddess after all.Still, I can't figure out how to get the funny smell out of My microwave. Cleaning slave...were are you?

The juicer is amazing, I usually put green things in it, like spinach, broccoli, and yes asparagus ( what a creative from of punishment, cruel and unusual...).  The truth is: Abs are made in the Kitchen. Thinking of which, I've only met a few people who are significantly better about their eating habits, one of them was particularly hardcore. Unfortunately  he is also guilty off is stealing one of My sissy outfits. Not cool. So if you read this Mister, bring it back and then clean My microwave.


Today in London

there is a real sense of expectation in the air, thousands of people are gathering in the streets, and the eyes of the world are turned to this city as it celebrates a major world event.

Yes, the German Goddess has again landed on these shores ;)

Oh and apparently there is the small matter of the Olympic Games as well. For those of you kinky British boys who were unable to secure a place in the official Olympic team, Goddess Leona Stern will gladly put you through your paces in her very own Slave Olympics. Alas, there will be no stadium, no television cameras, just you and me alone in my chambers as I push you to your limits in a series of specially crafted events designed to entertain me and bring a smile to my cruel lips.

I do so enjoy seeing a man desperately pushing himself to earn my approval and so I have come up with some wonderful challenges and torments for all those brave enough to fall at my feet. Will you be able to meet the challenge of the 20 Metre Oink, a special event for my devoted piggies? Or perhaps the 15 Minute Cry, where you try and hold your dignity and fight back your tears as the Goddess mercilessly tears down your male ego? Maybe a more physical challenge will suit you. Tied and restrained, you try your hardest to kiss my feet, placed inches away from your face. When it comes to games and challenges my imagination is limitless, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see you strive to obey my every whim. And be assured that the rewards I can provide for the genuinely obedient will light up your entire being more than if you were stood in the Olympic Stadium itself, wearing a gold medal.

So which one of you deliciously perverted British boys is up for the challenge? Don't get your hopes up too high though. As in all sports, German perfection wins every time ;)


European Travel

I am currently in London, U.K. and I just finished checking out My new facility, and wow it's awesome! There is more equipment than I will ever know what to do with. Of course I will create use, and we all already know that I could simply dominate you in a phone booth.  A red one that is ;)

Off to Amsterdam and Spain for a few days next week. Returning to London from June 25th to July 1st. So if you need to hand Me some cash or must serve Me in some other was then you know what to do...


Just Say Yes (Ma'am)!

Surfer Vixen, in LateX. 
Leaving My snug, routine life for a week, I -once again- personally experienced what can happen when one is willing to leave their comfort zone. Placing tremendous value on discretion and privacy, I am unable to share much of the particulars, just know that My week at the DomCon Los Angeles had more in store than I could have ever dreamt up in My wettest, wildest, most perverted fantasies.

     Dainty selection of the finest airport cuisine 

As this was My first time to the West Coast, I knew it would be special. To spice up the "mundane" existence of The New York City Dominatrix, I committed to keeping an open mind throughout the trip. When I arrived in Los Angeles, I did not know a single person at the convention. 

Now that I have arrived in Fort Lauderdale, I can't wait to see how the Fetish Factory Party weekend will measure up to Los Angeles. From what I have seen so far, Florida subs and I are certainly more compatible kink-wise. 
Staying at the Marriot never fails to put a smile on My face


San Francisco June 4th - June 6th 2012

It is back to the West Coast for Me next week. It was just too much laid-back, new friends and playthings, sub-boy-fabulous F-U-N. 

My schedule is almost completely booked, if you are in dire need to serve the German Goddess, contact Me ASAP. After announcing My debut to California (Los Angeles), requests for San Francisco have poured in relentlessly making this appearance rather compelling. 

 Upcoming trips for the NYC traveling Dominatrix

London June 9th-July 1st.
New York City July 1st - July 17th [possible daytrips: Boston and DC if at all feasible]
London July 17th - August 26th [2 Days in Paris, Stop over in Amsterdam, getaways to Zurich and Reims (France)
At the end of August I will be in NYC for only a few short days before heading to Montreal, Canada for their big annual Fetish Weekend.

Packing, Color-coordinating, worst-case-scenario-planning, weather-predicting, equipment-not-forgetting..

...The ever so exhausting tasks of this  frequent flyer dominatrix 

I love My life


Upcoming Travel Los Angeles and Florida

DomCon LA

I will be in Los Angeles (California Debut) from

May 14-20

staying @ the Host Hotel Hilton LAX

May 25-27: Fetish Factory, Florida. 
Fort Lauderdale will be blessed with My presence

May 21st to May 29th 2012

staying in the Host Hotel!!


"Guyliner" and other Shenanigans

If you didn't know, I have always had a thing for loved (dorky) little Asian boys. I also just love men in pantyhose, not only leg fashions but also boys in heels, wigs, make-up and especially Guyliner. Guyliner is basically  Eyeliner for Guys. Think Adam Lambert or Brandon Flowers. Maybe try Revlon color stay. Revlon is a make-up brand. CVS. Walgreens. Hello??? Does Mistress need to teach you everything...

BTW when he says "pencil" he means Eyeliner -'Kohl'- Pencil. Do not poke yourself in the eye with an actual pencil! Notice how he keeps saying he is trying to look 'filthy'. - yeah look filthy you slut lol. Nah...really...that guy looks HOT, I also love blonds, especially blonds with Guyliner on ;)


Random Fact #28

I have always had a speech impairment which is mostly in remission because I saw a speech therapist for years. It sometimes comes up in German, English speakers never notice it as it gets drowned out by My accent. My language development was delayed because I was born nearly deaf and needed some surgeries before I could hear. I am glad I've caught up on all of it now, hearing, listening, speaking, and commanding. 

New Opening!

Position for additional personal bitch to join My New York City stable recently became available!

Humans are creatures of habit, hence this servant must be reliable, trustworthy, prompt, and eager to please the Goddess, in whichever way She desires. Be a quick learner and self-motivated. Must have enough time on your hands to serve when needed.

Duties may include cleaning, running errands, Fußpflege, arranging meals, Internet research, written assignments, chauffeur duty. Not only financial, but spiritual generosity is vital.

Will favor candidate with knowledge of (or willing to independently acquire) German language skills.  


My shedule comes first.

I come first, therefore this is a 1 Month Notice
No new pets, sluts, clients, subs, sissies, toys. 

If W/we have not had the chance to meet, then starting Monday April 9th 2012  you are welcome to contact Me. However do not expect a response until several weeks from now. Certainly don't expect to see Me. Not even for coffee. Nada.  Nothing. I have a life, and life is about to get very busy for Me...for a few weeks. 

Been so overwhelmed with **new** requests, that I find Myself neglecting established pets constantly. There has been way to many instances that even have Me consider re-introducing the "Wall of Shame"- it is silly and immature, but what can I say ;) … Old habits die hard.

Most of you probably need to put your pink panties back on, quit acting like girls, and go back into your place (underneath Me). Those who know their purpose in life, had the honor of kneeling before Me previously, and have proven to be uncomplicated and compliant, are welcome back, with sufficient notice. What is considered "sufficient notice"? Well, that depends on (1) My availability and (2) just just how much fun you were last time, or committed to be this time.

Sorry boys and girls, not that I actually should have to apologize, but I really need to take back control ... and Finals are coming up ;-) School will always be My #1 Priority. 


Dinner in Abu Dhabi, Breakfast in London...

...back to New York for lunch.

After two inter-continental flights within 36 hours, I am exhausted, but happy to return home.

The New Year is only a week old, and I already managed to collect 3 stamps in My passport ;-)

What an amazing life I live, looking forward to a great year with some great people.