Just Say Yes (Ma'am)!

Surfer Vixen, in LateX. 
Leaving My snug, routine life for a week, I -once again- personally experienced what can happen when one is willing to leave their comfort zone. Placing tremendous value on discretion and privacy, I am unable to share much of the particulars, just know that My week at the DomCon Los Angeles had more in store than I could have ever dreamt up in My wettest, wildest, most perverted fantasies.

     Dainty selection of the finest airport cuisine 

As this was My first time to the West Coast, I knew it would be special. To spice up the "mundane" existence of The New York City Dominatrix, I committed to keeping an open mind throughout the trip. When I arrived in Los Angeles, I did not know a single person at the convention. 

Now that I have arrived in Fort Lauderdale, I can't wait to see how the Fetish Factory Party weekend will measure up to Los Angeles. From what I have seen so far, Florida subs and I are certainly more compatible kink-wise. 
Staying at the Marriot never fails to put a smile on My face


San Francisco June 4th - June 6th 2012

It is back to the West Coast for Me next week. It was just too much laid-back, new friends and playthings, sub-boy-fabulous F-U-N. 

My schedule is almost completely booked, if you are in dire need to serve the German Goddess, contact Me ASAP. After announcing My debut to California (Los Angeles), requests for San Francisco have poured in relentlessly making this appearance rather compelling. 

 Upcoming trips for the NYC traveling Dominatrix

London June 9th-July 1st.
New York City July 1st - July 17th [possible daytrips: Boston and DC if at all feasible]
London July 17th - August 26th [2 Days in Paris, Stop over in Amsterdam, getaways to Zurich and Reims (France)
At the end of August I will be in NYC for only a few short days before heading to Montreal, Canada for their big annual Fetish Weekend.

Packing, Color-coordinating, worst-case-scenario-planning, weather-predicting, equipment-not-forgetting..

...The ever so exhausting tasks of this  frequent flyer dominatrix 

I love My life


Upcoming Travel Los Angeles and Florida

DomCon LA

I will be in Los Angeles (California Debut) from

May 14-20

staying @ the Host Hotel Hilton LAX

May 25-27: Fetish Factory, Florida. 
Fort Lauderdale will be blessed with My presence

May 21st to May 29th 2012

staying in the Host Hotel!!