New Sissy Slave

Tried out a new sissy bitch today. Worked very hard for Me, even brought some gifts. Nice dress with lacy print from American Apparel. Will use for a photo shoot going forward. I love when a servant has a good eye, good taste, and is generous with their skills and resources. Let's see where this one goes.


I feel like such a victor when I drink My juice

Thanks to the most awesome juice machine - "Omega Something Something", My nutrition has improved exponentially in the past few month. My favorite FadDy bought it for Me during a trip to Bed, Bad, and Beyond. Surprisingly, even though there is a clear square footage restriction on My living space due to Manhattan's ungoddessly standards, I seem to be able to spend unlimited time and funds at that store. Guess I am a woman, and thus a naturally born HouseGoddess after all.Still, I can't figure out how to get the funny smell out of My microwave. Cleaning slave...were are you?

The juicer is amazing, I usually put green things in it, like spinach, broccoli, and yes asparagus ( what a creative from of punishment, cruel and unusual...).  The truth is: Abs are made in the Kitchen. Thinking of which, I've only met a few people who are significantly better about their eating habits, one of them was particularly hardcore. Unfortunately  he is also guilty off is stealing one of My sissy outfits. Not cool. So if you read this Mister, bring it back and then clean My microwave.