From NYC to NC

Got My favorite seat: 1A
Got My stack of reading material...

All set and checked in to My flight for tomorrow night after work...Can't wait to spend a relaxing week in Charlotte. 

Available for play time 17th and 18th of July only. $50 Application Fee (unless I already know you) required to secure session time.


DomCon LA

Mistress Michelle Lacy and Me at DomConLa
In May I was once again able to attend DomCon in Los Angeles. It is economically not a wise choice for Me. However the awesome people and countless workshops, and great parties make it totally worth a while :) 
Once again I was able to connect with Mistress Michelle Lacy, whom I have seen around a couple of times :) We share the same home dungeon also. Her website is currently being remodeled, but you may find Her on Twitter:

Hopefully I can book a trip to the smaller East Coast version of DomConLA: DomConAtlanta. [].

  The event is scheduled for October 17th - October 20th 2013.


Upcomming Travel

Charlotte, NC July 17th and July 18th
Tampa, Florida August 17th - August18th
Naples, Florida August 19th + August 20th


you have been warned

Name: Leona Stern

Occupation: Manipulatrix


(1.)Picking up vanilla boys at public places and turning them into My property…

(2.)Luring stray kittens into Her house under a false pretense, and making plans to use them for Her evil purposes. 

Patterns of Deception 

There is no force at play when She takes possession of what is Hers. Psychological warfare and control, trigger training, and neuro-linguistic programing are just a few of the methods She like to employ to change Her subjects pattern of thinking, worth of self, and even your deepest desires. 

Before long, Her wishes are your commands. Doubt and fear vanishes in the shadow of a greater purpose: What can I do to make Her happy? 

Now you understand: you are here to please Leona Stern. That is your primary purpose. 

your weakness for Her beauty allows Her to constantly push your boundaries. Sometimes She loves to assign you with the most ridiculous or humiliating tasks, just to see how far you will go to please Her.