OT: System is Broken

I had many thought about the absurd rituals during catholic midnight christmas Mass, and long conversation over 1st Christmas day dinner with My friend's 95 year old grandma about 1930s and 1940s Germany (eye witnesses are a threatened species these days) …Reich Kristall Nacht ect. War Times were scary times.

There are wars today. Peoples are being pushes off boats between Africa and Europe so they can't reach our lands evens so thousands of American soldiers have left these lands and W/we have empty structures everywhere. We also throw out food with no regard. 

We purposely build electronics to break after two years, and if you don't know the concept of "Fast Fashion" then you can read up on it. All of this is simply "Arbeitsbeschaufungsmasnahmen". I am not happy with this situation.


24 Years...and counting


your new Mistress

German Mistress Leona Stern



What gives Me a kick

More than anything, I love the humiliation! Forced Cross dressing to proper sissy uniform housecleaning.  Turning you into a helpless little girl is fun too! The fact that you regress to a place where you become completely helpless and dependent. Especially controlling your basic human needs gives Me great pleasure. At this point you have to be fed, diapered, and put to sleep.

Also love forcing My sluts to wear pantyhose, pink panties, or nice heels. Watching you trying to keep your  balance in those 6 inch stilettos  makes My day...Feminization completed by the proper make up, and a maybe even a full's a perfect date!


I choose to pause

Working as a Mistress on and off has occasionally left Me financially prosperous, but almost always emotionally bankrupt. I never saw Myself as a "ProDomme", as I have always favored ongoing arrangements rather than one time "hit and run" encounters.
I am at a turning point in My life. Change I must. The time is now. 


A Sissy Fantasy Part 3 of 3

No matter how far down this twisted little path you have gone, Mistress can always take you further. In fact, it is a guarantee. So come into My Queendom, abandon your useless little male ego, and let My artistry release your inner whore. We both know that it's going to happen sooner or later. That's why you keep coming back to My blog. It's your destiny. So why fight it anymore?


Sissy Fantasy Part 2 of 3

 Then there is the other type of sissy. The one who comes to Me with the fetish fully formed. Already a wanton slut, so willing, so desperate. I love these little sluts just as much, because no matter how far down the road they have gone, German Mistress Leona Stern can always take them further... Have you been out dressed to a fetish club yet, walking a few paces behind me with your eyes trained on the ground, waiting to refresh my drink? No? Don't worry, you soon will be... or you may dress like a little slut, but have you started to act like one, using your filthy little whore mouth to pleasure as many men as possible? No? Don't worry, under My psychological control you will start to crave it to the extent that you will not be able to walk down the street without checking out the package of every man who walks by. Hahaha

...Cock will become your new obsession, my pretty little slut. Maybe you could start to turn tricks? But don't get any funny ideas about keeping your 'earnings'. Mistress created you, so Mistress has a right to those. Think of what pleasure it will bring you to whore yourself out, knowing that you are earning money to make your Goddess' life better.

To be continued...


A Sissy Fantasy Part 1 of 3

I have such a soft spot for you sissies. Feminisation is one of the fetishes that I love the most. There are so many types! There are the ones who come to Me with no interest in sissification. "I don't really like forced fem Mistress, just a little bit of tease and denial". I just smile and nod. I don't tell them that I have heard that before from many men who now cannot go to the office without wearing panties under their suits. Men who claimed they had no interest in sissification who now shave their body hair, masturbate only with a vibrator and refer to their cock as their sissy clit. And these were all men who came to Me all macho and proud.

I took such joy in rearranging their weak male brains and implanting new fetishes and desires! It is one of my favorite things to play with your mind and make you crave something that you never thought you would. Once you realize that your new Mistress has brought out your inner sissy, you are forever dependent on me to deepen your transformation. That fetish is forever associated with Me, the Goddess who implanted it in you. In fact, My little sissy, in many ways you can say I am your creator, your God, the one who released you from the shackles of your male archetype, molded you, and breathed life into you as a dirty little whore...

I turned you into a Sissy. Congratulations! If you're thinking of a way to thank me for this, don't worry. I am sure you will come up with some ideas during the lifetime of servitude and devotion to me that I have now decreed as your future ;)

To be continued...


London Sponsors

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Final chance to meet proper NYC Dominatrix in London 2014!  

Since it is My birthday trip, there are a few things that I desire:

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click, click, click, hear the sound of My stilettos as I walk towards you

you are kneeling on the floor, naked, only a collar around your neck.  When you entered the room you merely caught a tiny glimpse of Me. During the seconds before darkness, I dangled a blindfold before you. A black shiny piece of Latex, attached to it capital red letters: SLAVE.  Unaware of your surroundings, I take of your jacket , remove your tie, and unbutton your shirt while moving in close enough for you to feel My breath on your face. For a second it seems that O/our lips are merely about to meet. The rest of your clothe come off. 
I tenderly embrace you, tightly holding your naked body for a second before harshly pushing you on your knees. "Get in your place."A collar is placed around your neck. Just tight enough for your to realize the great power I have over you from this point forth.
Naked, and kneeling on the floor as I remove the blindfold you find that all your property  has been folded neatly and placed on a chair. From now on you won't need property, I tell you, as a matter of fact you will become property. My property. My little play do with whatever I please. To use however I want. How do you know this? Well, let Me tell you why.

click - click - click -click

Slowly approaching you, towering over you I gently place My hands on your face. A wonderful soft touch. I whisper in your ear, "are you ready to surrender?". you feel a small yet noticeable and familiar tingle between your legs as you are gently pulled closer to My body.. "I will make you Mine." I am running My hands through your hair. "My toy to use and abuse, in every which way I see fit. Do you understand?" I am looking directly in your eyes. 

Yes, Ma'am.

Taking a seat on My sofa I securely tie up your cock and balls. I am separating them from your body. They are no longer yours, they are Mine. Yes, you already know: I can do with them whatever I please. Use them however I want. Your balls have become My balls, your cock has become My property, to use in whichever way I see fit. I now own all of you. 
I rise. I attach a leash to your collar and lead you to My bedroom. Here I place you in a soft comfortable bed. Then there are ropes, 2, 3, 4 pieces, you stop counting, you don't care how many feet of rope I place on and around your body. You are mesmerized, you can't recall having ever seen a more perfect being. Yes, I am a true goddess, sitting on your stomach, light as air, tying your feet first together, and then to My bed posts. 

How did you ever get so lucky?

This is where the fun begins, incapable of moving I begin exploring your body. New sensations, medical wheels, vampire gloves, candle wax, ice, electricity...My hands, My feet...I am testing your body, your cock, your balls. A big smile that doesn't leave My beautiful face for even a second. Pleasure and pain, some known, some new and unexpected. you let it happen. you let everything happen. you are here to please Me, and I am here to use you and play with you. I love how you react to My touch, My toys, My words...

to be continued...