"Sorry You are enjoying Yourself" and other minor pet peeves

If you are a submissive that has been following the German Mistress's blog for a while, you have probably noticed that I just love traveling to Florida during the (Northern Hemisphere) winters…
Thanks to My loyal Benefactor, I am once again escaping the cold N.Y.C weather this week. 

It really really makes Me laugh when I come across a self centered one, the type expecting a last minute meeting. If this selfish type says or writes something like "too bad that you are in Florida", or "I am sorry to hear that", or "that sucks"….No, actually it doesn't suck at all! (sucks for you!), however for Me…pretty awesome =D and I am all that should matter.

 It is gorgeous down here! I am having a great time, delicious dinners, and soaking up tons of sun. Today I spend over one hour swimming laps in the (unnecessarily) heated pool.    

Another thing that never fails to exasperate the German Goddess is when someone writes Me an email (or worse calls Me), claiming to have been a "long-time admirer", yet asks to  meet "tonight", "tomorrow", or "this weekend". 

Instant Gratification much?

I totally understand that you finally work up your courage to contact Me…and now you want to turn your fantasy into reality ASAP…maybe you are afraid that if you don't see Me now, you will chicken out again.

That is your problem not Mine! This behavior defeats the purpose of Me being in charge and the submissive pleasing the Mistress, and not the other way around.