Meet My Fetish Film Star Alter Ego
Many of you enjoy CBT, which stands for 'cock and ball torture'. Maybe you love watching those heavy ball busting clips on the internet, *nudge* *nudge* but know you could never be man enough to take that kind of beat down.

Still, you fantasize about it...I know you do. you think about how sexy it would be to see an attractive woman like German Mistress destroy a man's testicles. Well, here is your chance! I've actually been invited to film some videos with My European friend Mistress Renee Trevi and I will be uploading them to My Video Section as they become available. 

Filming in New York City, I find I meet some of the Hottest Dommes, and without sounding too shallow, let's be honest about something here; looks are very important...I know I can make you do things they never thought they would...make you suffer for Me, sacrifice for Me and forget your former sense and become My total property as I take Ownership of you.

I am a Seductress, a Temptress, a Humiliatrix and Manipulator.
I don't play that role, it is just who I naturally am.